Activities among ERIS GALAXY, such as creating teams between races to accomplish goals inside the spaceship, will grant their players NFT and $CAOS rewards. Besides, the game will also have a classification system based on cups, according to the characterโ€™s race each season.

To generate economic value, these points will count towards a monthly classification table, where the two players with the highest points will receive NFT based on their characterโ€™s level. Characters can level up by acquiring NFT, earned in-game or bought in the Marketplace. Investment in the $CAOS token will be the pillar for production in the ERIS GALAXY economy.

Participants will have to make an investment through buying $CAOS or characters (NFT), or let themselves be assigned a free-to-play character. This will also have a personalized classification system, and so can generate passive income while the player push outs into ERIS GALAXY. Finishing first in the classification table will grant them a 3 stars NFT.

$CAOS can be acquired by the following means:

ยท In the presale: the ERIS GALAXY team will make two private presales and one public presale of $CAOS tokens.

ยท Buying and selling in the secondary markets.

ยท Rewards for achievements and missions.

ยท Rewards in tournaments.

ยท Rewards for classifications.

ยท Staking NFT robots.

ยท Rewards for NFT sales: sales of character objects and accessories in the market place.

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